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Smilla goes to playschool

Runa Sivertsen, 9 years old
It's Smilla's first day at daycare. She plays with friends and has fun. She loves it! Smilla is a little girl who goes to kindergarten and has fun with the usual things small kids do!

Smilla meets Santa

Runa Sivertsen, 9 years old
It'll soon be Christmas! Smilla prepares all she can to make everything perfect. What's in Santa's bag? Smilla is a little girl who goes to kindergarten and has fun with the usual things small kids do!

Smilla turns 4

Runa Sivertsen, 9 years old
It's Smilla's birthday party, with cake, guests and presents! Come to Smilla's party! Smilla is a little girl who goes to kindergarten and has fun with the usual things small kids do!

Smilla at the library

Runa Sivertsen, 9 years old
Smilla loves to read. She's going to the library today. She wants to pick up a new book. Go with Smilla and see what she can find! Smilla is a little girl who goes to kindergarten and has fun with the usual things small kids do!

The mystery at the campsite

Elias Pihl, Marcus Rosdahl, 10 years olds
Things are usually pretty calm at the campsite in Åsby. Suddenly something quite unexpected happens. Can the police solve the problem?

Snowstorm - A beautiful horse

Malin Lokrantz, 10 years old
Lena has one big love in her life. A beautiful horse that means everything to her. But life takes some unexpected turns that make Lena question the fairness of it all. Are you always supposed to follow your dreams?

My Life

Basrin Omar, 11 years old
What happens when adults no longer want to live together? And if both want you to stay with them?

Elsa and Fjolle

Nova Tjulin, 10 years old
Elsa has lived in Stockholm for a very long time. She is very close to her cousins and friends. But now she's moving to a new town and starting at a new school. What will the future bring her?

The greatest hockey team

Thaiwakon Filipsson, 12 years old
The thing Calle and his little brother like the most is to play hockey and eating Thai food. There will soon be a match, how will it go?

The sick bunny

Natali Matti, 10 years old
Bunny loves ice cream. She loves ice cream so much that she gets a stomach ache!

Robin and the Greek letters

Adam Svensson - Emil Lindblom, 11 years olds
When Ella and Robin are on a field trip with their class they discover a cave with strange letters engraved in stone. Robin who can Greek reads: The Great Fight. Dare they go in?

Siri's summer

Ylva Westerström, 10 years old
Siri's mom is going to Australia this summer. Siri is going to live with her grandfather in the countryside during the time, but everything is not quite as Siri had expected.

Alf the monkey's adventure

Albin Malmquist, Hampus Jutström, 10 years olds
Alf the monkey works as an adventurer. He is going to the Kokimoki islands on his biggest adventure yet. But something isn’t just quite right…

The lost diamond

Nawaf Abdul Rahman, 10 years old
Kalle has a secret diamond that he hid carefully. One day he discovers that it is gone! Who could have taken it?

Pidi's adventure

Max Fernström, 10 years old
When your best friend gets in trouble there's no doubt you'll help out. The Ice Witch has gone and done something unforgivable. Pidi has no choice. This is a thrilling adventure where Pidi gets to show his mettle!

Frank the clown looks for his nose

Abanob Yousef, 12 years old
Being a clown is not easy, especially when you’ve lost your clown nose and have a performance just around the corner.

The dragon and the evil knight

Fadel Habib, 10 years old
There was once a small dragon who ate so much that he became huge. When you are a big dragon might you need to fight a knight?

The magic car

Fabian Bergström, 11 years old
A magic car was invented in a far away town. It was a very special car. There was a boy called Oliver in the same town. He wanted that car!

The lady and the girls

Emel Öven, 10 years old
Klara and Saga are out on the swings when they get invited to have some juice by a lady who lives in their building. She gives them a doll, but what do you do when two girls that have to share one doll?

The trip to Hawaii

Hilan D. H., 11 years old
If you do not have the money for a trip to Hawaii, what do you do? Lova gets an idea!

The Karate Competition

Andreas Lindström, Oscar Lithén, Phitthawat Meuangngam, 11 and 12 years old
Axel has had a crush on a girl for a very long time now. One day Axel sees the girl go into karate practice. What would happen if he also started practicing karate?

The phoenix and the fire

William Pettersson, 11 years old
The king loves to have nice things around him. What the king wants now is the beautiful phoenix bird. Is it ok when not everyone wants what the king wants?

Olle´s animals

Isac Olsson, 11 years old
Olle lives on the countryside in a small cottage, but there's something Olle absolutely doesn't like: it's hunters…

I want a horse

Tilda Wigforss, 11 years old
Julia lives on a farm with her mom, dad and her younger brother. They have sheep, chicken, pigs and cats. But no horse. It's a catastrophe!

Eggy - The story of an egg

Pia Holmquist - Hugo Catolino
Zookeeper Leaf and Doctor Wise have found a large egg at the zoo... but who is the egg's mother? The book is an adaptation of a successful children's theater play by Pia Holmquist & Hugo Catolino.

Smilla bakes a chockycake

Runa Sivertsen, 9 years old
Smilla loves chockycake and she can bake it all by herself (with a little bit of help from mom!). This book includes the recipe for the traditional Swedish chockycake (kladdkaka). Come bake with Smilla!

Smilla and Grandma

Runa Sivertsen, 9 years old
Grandma is a lot of fun! Grandma will sleep over at Smilla's for a few days. Grandma and Smilla do all sorts of things together! Grandma is the best!

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